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  • The Story of an Entrepreneur

    Posted by IASourceLink Admin on Apr 16, 2014
    An inspirational story of a gentleman by the name of Edward Lowe who single-handedly converted a new idea into a multi-billion dollar industry and used his experience to foster the next generation of American entrepreneurs.
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  • Reason #8 to Attend EntreFEST: To See How Other Entrepreneurs Are Making It

    Posted by Matthew Cassady on Apr 15, 2014
    Aside from hands on experience, learning from others is a smart way to better your business. In addition to the great speakers and invaluable networking sessions, EntreFEST hosts the Dream Big Grow Here competition where 10 regional winners will square off for a $10K cash prize. If you're seeking answers on how to elevate your business, this is your chance to see how other Entrepreneur's are making it.
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  • Is your business lean?

    Posted by IASourceLink Admin on Apr 04, 2014
    Creating a leaner business is not entirely about cost reduction; it involves the creation of a mindset for the entire business.
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  • From the Desk of Director Durham - 4/3/14

    Posted by Debi Durham on Apr 02, 2014
    In this month's edition of FROM THE DIRECTORS DESK, Director Debi Durham discusses two exciting upcoming events for entrepreneurs and takes a few moments to recognize the 2013 Dream Big Grow Here winner Tom Mulholland.
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  • Tips for Making Excel Graphs

    Posted by Matthew Cassady on Apr 01, 2014
    Whether it's getting investors to buy into your idea or persuading your manager to release more funds to a project you think will be successful, Excel can help support your points with visual aids. Here are a few tips to creating Excel visual aids.
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  • REASON #7 TO ATTEND EntreFEST: Because it's time to get inspired

    Posted by Matthew Cassady on Apr 01, 2014
    Every now and then we all need to have our batteries charged. Fortunately there's EntreFEST. EntreFEST is Iowa's premier entrepreneur and small business seminar, taking place in Iowa City from May 14-16. Many keynote speakers will be on hand, offering their wisdom and real life experiences to help educate, motivate, and - most importantly - inspire you to continue your quest to be great.
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  • Iowa Meat Clerk Leaves Counter to Pursue Bigger Aspirations

    Posted by Matthew Cassady on Mar 26, 2014
    Regardless what phase of life you're in, it's never too late to begin a new venture. As Tom Mulholland shows us, passion paired with persistence does pay off.
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  • Pappajohn launches annual Iowa Business Plan Competition

    Posted by IASourceLink Admin on Mar 26, 2014
    The John Pappajohn Iowa Business Plan Competition is back. With $50,000 in awards on the line- it's an opportunity not to be missed!
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  • Iowa Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa Program Expands

    Posted by IASourceLink Admin on Mar 26, 2014
    New seminar content, online curriculum, exclusive peer forums for those who qualify and financial advice are now available to Iowa entrepreneurs to help grow their existing business.
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  • Seinfeld on Startups: Bubble Boy

    Posted by Dan Beenken on Mar 26, 2014
    What Seinfeld blog would be complete without mentioning the famous 'Bubble Boy'? A boy forced to live in a bubble as a result of health concerns. When contrasted with small business, it's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to find themselves living in their own bubble of "that's how I've always done it". In this months 'Seinfeld on Startups' blog, we review the importance of breaking routine when necessary and learning how to adapt when the market changes.
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