A 6-Step Guide

Start a Business

Make sure you take the right steps to set up and establish your new business in Iowa.


Before You Start a Business in Iowa

Starting a business is fun, exciting, and can feel overwhelming, keep these things in-mind to ensure a smooth start.

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Step One

Create a Strategic Business Plan

Evaluate customer segments and competition through developing a business plan.

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Step Two

Business Structures and Registration

Determine what business Structures is best for you and how to register it.

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Step Three

Register for Federal, State and Local Taxes

Learn about and discover resources to help you collect and remit taxes.

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Step Four

Check for Additional Licensing

In order to operate your business, you may need to fulfill various licensing obligations. Each business is different - find out what you’ll need.

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Step Five

Fund Your Business

There are many options to find capital for your business. Explore the different options for funding your business.

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Step Six


Do it. Action leads to results. Connect with people that can support you once your business is started.

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Understand Employer Responsibilities

Employees will make your business scale and grow, keep up with all the things you’ll need to be a successful employer.

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Commercial Real Estate and You

Everything you need to consider when looking for a business location.

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Start an Online Businesses

Is your business only online? Planning on selling on and offline? Learn about how laws and regulations may apply differently to your business.

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Start A NonProfit

Make sure you distinguish yourself among future donors and the public by taking the necessary steps to success.

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