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  • 5 Ideas to Help You Bootstrap Your Marketing

    For many entrepreneurs and business owners, marketing is not in your primary wheelhouse. You’re busy running the business, managing people, paying bills, balancing accounts, etc. And so it often means that marketing becomes an afterthought or is done hastily and in a manner that may not be effective long-term. Which actually may lead to losing time in the long run. So we’ve put together five ideas that can help you bootstrap your marketing for long-term benefits, saving you time and hopefully money, maybe even generating some money.

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  • Social Media....UGH!

    In today’s business world, you really have no choice but to have a social media presence. But having a presence and actually being effective are not one in the same. It can be complicated and time consuming. The days of just setting up a Facebook page and calling it good are over. Social media is not as fun and easy as it sounds, but it can be an unbelievable asset to your business when done right. Here are nine steps to get you started on your social media journey.

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  • Resource Partner Spotlight: America’s SBDC Iowa

    When you begin --or build-- a business, it can feel like you are alone through the process. America's Small Business Development Center of Iowa is designed to help you get access to the training, business counseling, and planning services you need to grow. Tricia Janes, the Marketing and Database Coordinator at the Ames Small Business Development Center, was kind enough to catch up with us to tell us more about what the SBDC does for business owners like you everyday.

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