How-to Guides

How-to Guides

Two young men writing out a business plan on glass window with sticky notes

Start a Business Guide

Find the steps, tips and resources you need to start a business in Iowa.

green plant growing out of pile of coins on blank background

Fund a Business Guide

Ready for funding? Find out how to get business loans, grants and equity funding.

lightbulbs hanging down with one illuminated and swinging away from the others

Grow a Business Guide

If you are wanting to expand your business offerings, make sure to read this first!

Older man and woman couple standing on a beach smiling looking off into the distance

Exit a Business Guide

Discover 13 different strategies others have used to exit their business.

online business owner sitting with pen and phone in hand with boxes in the background

Start an Online Business Guide

Find the steps to get started!

green cornfield in Iowa with blue sky and clouds

Expand a Business to Iowa Guide

Are you wanting to expand your business operations to Iowa or hire an employee here?

nonprofit team standing together putting their hands in the center to celebrate and cheer

Start a Nonprofit Guide

Organize your nonprofit in a few short steps.

Young woman sitting with children in a circle at a daycare

Start a Daycare Guide

Use this guide to learn how to start your in-home or daycare center!

Young woman inside of a food truck handing over a platter of food she just made to a customer

Start a Food Truck Guide

Take your cooking skills on the road!