That’s Made Here?!?!

While Iowa may be known around the country for farming and insurance, we have so much more going on, including a bustling manufacturing industry. Tomorrow, being the first Friday of October, we acknowledge Manufacturing Day (Learn more about Manufacturing Day by viewing this infographic).  To honor this day, let’s take a look at six manufacturers across our state.  Most of us Iowans can rattle of the big players: Winnebago, John Deere, Vermeer, HNI, Rockwell Collins, Pella, etc., but did you know about any of these?

1. American Games, Council Bluffs

American Games is a leading manufacturer of charitable and lottery gaming products, including Pull-Tab tickets (break-open tickets), Promotional Games, Bingo Paper, Pull-Tab Vending Machines, and Ticket Counting Machines.

2. Wittern Group, Clive

For over 80 years, the Wittern Group has been a manufacturer of vending machines.  From snacks and beverages to salon supplies or pharmaceuticals, the Wittern Group comes up with innovative solutions for the automated vending of just about anything.

3. Fox River Mills, Osage

A manufacturer of quality knitted socks and handwear with worldwide distribution,  Fox River Mills also acquired the Original Rockford Red Heel® sock brand in 1992.  With this acquisition, they became the official manufacturer of the original and world-famous sock monkey.

4. Wayne Engineering, Cedar Falls

Wayne Engineering manufactures a wide line of automated collection trucks for waste pickup and street sweepers.  With a dealer presence in every state, Wayne Engineering’s products can be seen on the streets across the country.

5. Percival Scientific, Inc., Perry

Percival Scientific, Inc. is a domestic and international manufacturer of plant growth chambers, biological incubators and special application research chambers for universities, government institutions and corporations.

6. Goalsetter, Lynnville

Goalsetter is a manufacturer of high-end outdoor adjustable basketball hoops and basketball accessories.  The manufacturing facility is still located at the same site in Lynnville where the first prototype was welded together in 1991.

Again, this is just a short list of some unique manufacturers that we have throughout this great state. If you know of any other interesting manufacturers or are one yourself, please share in the comments section below.

Joe Bolick, UNI Business and Community Services

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