Introducing: A Fresh Face For IASourceLink

Introducing: A Fresh Face For IASourceLink

We have a very exciting announcement for our entre-community! Over the past few months, our team has been working day and night to provide entrepreneurs across the state of Iowa with a fresh take on all things startup. In correspondence with Global Entrepreneurship Week, the IASourceLink team is honored to present our new and improved website! Although we’ve refreshed our identity with a modern take on branding, there is more to explore within our sleek new interface. Powered by SourceLink, our website was constructed with a mission to provide step by step guidance to entrepreneurs like you on a user friendly platform.

To entrepreneurs: We know it’s difficult to search for answers as you seek crucial information for your startup – so we thought we would make things easier by leading the way. Here’s how you can navigate our new and improved platform:

View our Guides:

Find exactly what you’re looking for by reading our guides. Our website includes four comprehensive guides that detail each step of the startup process; Start A Business, Grow Your Business, Fund Your Business, and Innovate Your Business. These can be found by selecting the Guides button along the top menu bar.

Match your needs to one of our Resource Partners:

Our Resource Partners provide a helping hand to entrepreneurs as they aim to reach their next milestone. View the resource navigator by selecting Resources > Resource Navigator along the top menu bar. From there, you may browse the list of Iowa-based organizations at your service. View our Resource Navigator directly by clicking here.

View our Calendar:

Our calendar is a hub for over 200 organizations to share relevant events with entrepreneurs and small business owners across the state of Iowa, many of which are hosted virtually due to COVID-19. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in an event near you. From the home page, click on Calendar along the top menu bar, or view our calendar here.

Stay informed with our Media Navigator:

Browse hundreds of webinars on our Media Navigator. Search by keyword, category, sub category, and media type. Our webinar topics range from utilizing color theory, to understanding Iowa sales tax. View our Media Navigator here, or click on Resources at the top left menu bar and select Media Navigator. If you are looking for information specifically on Iowa Taxes, we have you covered. You’ll see the option for Iowa Tax Webinars right below the Media Navigator once you click on Resources.

Secure necessary licensing on our Business License Information
Center (BLIC) page:

View frequently asked questions or search our list of business licenses in the state of Iowa. If you are looking for additional assistance, fill out our form and receive custom counseling from a member of the IASourceLink team. We also provide helpful links for understanding sales tax permits, tax ID, sole proprietorship, corporations, LLC, nonprofits, and more. To view this, navigate to Resources along the top menu bar and select Business License Information Center.

Read and subscribe to our IASourceLink Newsletter:

Each month, the IASourceLinks e-newsletter provides readers with the latest information on Iowa’s business community, updates on upcoming events, and technology tools & tips to help you grow your business. You can view our newsletter by navigating to Resources along the top menu and selecting IASourceLink Newsletter. for easy access, view our newsletter archive here, and subscribe to be sure you never miss a beat.

Read our Blog:

If you’re reading this, you’ve found it! Our blog updates weekly and provides insight on pressing topics for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Be sure to come back next week for more!

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