Learning New Skills Through Video

Learning a new skill can take energy, effort, and most importantly, time. These are things that small business owners might not have an abundance of. Why spend several hours or days learning a new skill by reading a book, when you can watch a video in half the time? This is where Iowa Farm Bureau Renew Rural Iowa Pathways comes into play.

Renew Rural Iowa Pathways is Iowa’s first comprehensive, searchable database of video resources available to serve entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Videos are typically only an hour long or less, so they’re perfect for watching during lunch or while you’re waiting on your next client to arrive. You can think of it as a refined YouTube for entrepreneurs.

Pathways provides quality video content from local and national experts. From TEDX Talks to informative webinar presentations, this is one resource that you’ll want to keep handy. Simply select a topic that you’re interested in and search for related videos. Focused on the key areas and topics that business owners are faced with, categories include: Organization Management, Marketing and Sales, Products/Services, Financials and Funding, and Exit Strategy. You can also search specifically for the speakers or presenters of the videos.

What sets Pathways apart from other video databases are the supplemental notes that accompany each video. This format allows you to download the notes before you watch the videos so you can follow along and add your own thoughts. Keep in mind you can also catch the live presentations on IASourceLink.

So the next time you’re looking to learn a new skill, like how to build a website, negotiate that next business deal, or even calculate your sales tax correctly make sure you check out Renew Rural Iowa Pathways!

Content contributed by Valyn Reinig, IASourceLink. IASourceLink is a proud affiliate of U.S. SourceLink, America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.

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