Mock Kits Preparing Medical Students for Success

Mock Kits Preparing Medical Students for Success

Darilea Fehr is not one to pass up on a great idea.

Her resume speaks for itself. Since 1993 Fehr has founded five startup businesses: Lazer Graphics in Sioux Falls, SD; Fehr Chiropractic Clinic in Laurens, IA; Wild Child Children’s Stores with various locations around Iowa; The Coffee Shop in Milford, Iowa; and currently, Mock Medical. LLC in Terril, IA.

After spending much of her life as an entrepreneur, in 2010 the Terril, Iowa single mom decided to pursue a medical degree in the area of surgical technology.

At the time, Fehr was working two part-time jobs, attending college full-time, and raising two young daughters.

In school, Fehr excelled in both academics as well as hands-on training; however, the former small business owner began to wonder how much better prepared she and other individuals pursuing medical degrees could be with more at-home hands-on training.

After some serious thought, in 2011 Fehr decided to develop a business focused on offering additional medical training with surgical instrument kits students could purchase and practice with at their leisure.

“I saw a need for this product and could not leave it alone
,” Fehr stated.

Due to legalities, Fehr could not simply order surgical tools or borrow them from a medical facility. In order to solve this problem, Fehr decided to venture into unfamiliar territory and create her own.

Not highly-skilled in the area of alloy molding, Fehr spent hours designing metal instruments which replicated the exact size, weight, and balance of surgical tools, yet dull enough to not cause injuries; useful for practice purposes only.

“My biggest challenge was perfecting the metal alloy used for instruments,””
explained Fehr.  “”I had to go through many prototypes before perfecting them.”

Although there were many obstacles to overcome during the development stages, Fehr credits her ability to persevere to a number of people who stood by her.

“I have to be very thankful that I have a support system that reminded me who I am and where I wanted to go!” said Fehr.

Come January of 2014, Mock Medical, LLC was launched. 

​Mock Medical, LLC is providing medical students in the healthcare industry with mock kits (simulated surgical instruments) which provide hands-on surgical instrument handling and identification.

As a result, students gain more confidence in their skills and techniques, before they enter the operating room.

Medical training opportunities are available for a variety of medical professions including physical assistant, surgical technology, and surgical assisting.

“I have won various entrepreneur awards and it is so wonderful that people see the value in what I am doing!”
said Fehr.

Currently, Mock Medical is the only company marketing training and educational surgical instrument kits for students. Kits are designed to help students better learn the basics of the industry, increasing their confidence in using medical tools.

According to Fehr, the real success of Mock Medical, LLC is a result of positive thinking, diligence, and passion.

“First, believe in your product or service. Next, never keep track of hours you worked. Finally, do it because it’s your passion, not only because you want to be self-employed,”” explained Fehr. “”Think it through, think it through and hit the GO BUTTON!!”

Visit Mock Medical, LLC‘s website for more information.

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