Powerful Mail Strategy That Brings in Clients

Powerful Mail Strategy That Brings in Clients

At a time when everybody else is advertising online, you can make your business stand out from the competition by using a time-tested offline tool. Sending postcards to potential customers is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.

Research shows that:

  • 98 percent of residents retrieve their mail the same day it’s delivered. Compare that to email, which gets trapped in spam filters or deleted unread.
  • Among types of promotional mail, postcards are most likely to be read. Residents HAVE TO look at the postcard, even if they don’t keep it.
  • Postcards have a bigger impact than other types of advertising because customers have to physically handle the card.
  • The return on investment for postcards is impressive: every dollar spent generates almost $12 in return.
  • 22-24 year-olds are the most likely to respond to promotional snail-mail.
  • Postcards can multi-task as coupons, gift certificates or tickets.

The U.S. Postal Service has kicked off a new national tool that makes sending postcards to potential customers even easier and more cost-effective than before. With the Every Door Direct Mail service, you don’t need to buy mailing lists or find addresses. You just target a zip code, and every active address in the selected neighborhoods will get your postcard. You can even filter out recipients by age, income and family size.

Content contributed by Lois Kirkpatrick, Loudoun County, Virginia. Loudoun SourceLink is a proud affiliate of  U.S.SourceLink, America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.

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