Iowa Innovation Showcase Delivers a Taste of Innovation

Iowa Innovation Showcase Delivers a Taste of Innovation

Iowa Innovation (IICorp) and the Iowa Venture Capital Association are sponsoring an innovation tour of Iowa to help spread the message that Iowa is a great place to start and grow a business.

There’s a good innovation story to tell in Iowa, but there are parts of the state that don’t get the most attention, or resources, when it comes to starting innovative businesses. The purpose of the showcase tour is to give these cities a taste of the innovation ecosystem, and help nurture good ideas into bankable ventures. In addition to the main sponsors and several private investment firms, we have representatives from a number of organizations who are prepared to make presentations at these showcase events, including:

Each event will be different, based on the personality and needs of the city. If you think your town would be interested, but are not sure if you’re ready for a full-blown pitch event, please don’t hesitate to consider hosting a showcase. What we are hoping to do is piggyback on other economic development events already scheduled, but if you don’t have anything, we are more than happy to create an event for you.

Please call or email me for more information: [email protected] or (515) 421-4056.

Barbara Hall, Communications Manager, Iowa Innovation Corporation

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