Iowa Center for Economic Success Ups the Ante- for Small Business

Iowa Center for Economic Success Ups the Ante- for Small Business

Over 90% of Iowa businesses gross under $1,000,000. These businesses are our main street retailers and restaurants as well as our bakers, grocers, craftspeople, accountants, lawyers, and artists. At the Iowa Center for Economic Success (formerly ISED Ventures), we are dedicated to working specifically with these small businesses.

Business Education + Resources: Over the last 25+ years, our organization has provided high quality business education to women and men across the state. Over the last year, we have made decisions that we think will ensure that the education we provide is up-to-date, relevant, and of the highest quality. Thanks to a partnership with the ThunderBird School of International Management and ThunderBird For Good, we now offer DreamBuilder, a woman focused business education program available in our Des Moines classroom and remotely. We have developed more partnerships with business professionals who bring their expertise to our physical and virtual classrooms. We continue to build out and grow our educational infrastructure to help small business owners improve their business skills.

Credit + Lending: Business education must be coupled with access to capital. In partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), we are relaunching the microloan program funded under the state’s Targeted Small Business program. We can provide up to $30,000 for start-up businesses and $50,000 for established businesses. How does this program differ from the one you may have known?

1- While businesses must still meet the qualifications to become a Targeted Small Business, they are no longer required to be certified before applying for a loan.
2- We are providing support throughout the loan application process: from filling out the application, to collecting documents, to making financial projections. We are also providing post-loan business assistance.
3- Loan requirements are more flexible and response times are faster. Finally, because we know that small business owners rely largely on their personal credit history, we are also offering free credit counseling & education. Businesses across the state are encouraged to apply.

Networking + Advocacy: Relationships are crucial in the business world. We offer opportunities for small business owners in Des Moines to connect with one another and we facilitate our clients’ relationships with business specialists in the public and private sectors. We connect our clients to business opportunities, especially those available to Targeted Small Businesses. We continue to be enthusiastic advocates for the ability of all Iowans to create family wealth through small business ownership.

For more information about the Iowa Center, to partner with us, and to determine how we can serve your clients and community, please visit us at or email us at [email protected]. We speak Spanish!

Amelia Lobo is Director of  Small Business Programs at the Iowa Center for Economic Success

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