Youth Entrepreneurship Thriving in Sioux City

Youth Entrepreneurship Thriving in Sioux City

When you mix entrepreneurs and young professionals, you get awesomeness! Sioux City has made a commitment to help grow the community from the ground up.  That process has involved making the Sioux City Growth Organization (SCGO) a huge stakeholder in the community.

The Sioux City Growth Organization was formed in 2002 to encourage young professionals to become active members of the Siouxland community. We encourage progressive and innovative ideas, and bring together voices from all generations to create a positive impact on the future of our community. Our goal is to attract and retain young professionals in the area, by providing insight on what Sioux City has to offer and how they can get involved in shaping its future.

The awesomeness gets created with an annual event in Sioux City called the Innovation Market.  The Innovation Market was Sioux City’s first business idea competition. Individuals submit their ideas online to take part in one of the biggest think tanks in the area. The Innovation Market has three main focuses. First, this event cultivates positive action in the community by connecting positive people as well as introducing like-minded leaders who are excited about growth and change for Sioux City. Secondly, this project grew out of a “Fill Empty Spaces” idea. SCGO saw a need to showcase vacant spaces and that is exactly what the Innovation Market accomplishes. Finally, it’s about generating entrepreneurs. Taking their ideas, however big or small and growing their ideas into action.

To learn more about our awesomeness check out

Michael Billings, Sioux City Growth Organization

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