From the Desk of Director Durham – 8/11/14

From the Desk of Director Durham – 8/11/14

This month, Director Debi Durham discusses the importance of supporting youth entrepreneurship, highlighting a few educational and training opportunities available, specifically designed to help aspiring business leaders take the next step toward their future business venture.

Okoboji Summer Entrepreneur Institute where aspiring entrepreneurs are privileged to hear from successful business owners and community leaders, are able to participate in entrepreneurial simulations, and receive additional mentoring to enhance their understanding.

Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive program, at The University of Iowa, for children as young as kindergarten up to their senior year in high school. The program blends classroom learning with practical education experiences, helping students develop an “entrepreneurial mindset” which focuses on the areas of creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

ISU Entrepreneurs Club is a student organization which nurtures creativity and support to Iowa State students in helping them achieve their vision of starting their own business. During each session, attendees hear from local business owners about what it takes to get started and become successful.

UNI John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC) is one of five centers located in the state of Iowa specifically created to enhance the effectiveness of Iowa’s entrepreneurs. JPEC provides a number of educational programs and workshops for K-College age students.

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