Income and Withholding Tax Credits for Businesses

Income and Withholding Tax Credits for Businesses

The Department receives numerous questions related to income and withholding tax credits for businesses.  There are many tax credits available for businesses, and the criteria for claiming these credits are often changed due to legislative action.
Income tax credits for businesses involve charitable tax credits, energy tax credits and business activity tax credits.  Some of these credits also involve adjustments to income subject to Iowa tax, and some of these credits are transferable. There are several withholding tax credits which can be claimed through the Department’s eFile & Pay system.
The Department encourages those businesses who may claim tax credits to find out more about these credits by using the following resources:

Income and Withholding Tax Credits for Business Webinar – 7/30/2014
-Income Tax Credit information on the Department’s website.
-Claiming withholding tax credits on the eFile & Pay system.
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Content contributed by Greg Stokke, Iowa Department of Revenue

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