Reason #6 to Attend EntreFEST: Because Good Ideas Are NOT Waiting For You At The Office

Reason #6 to Attend EntreFEST: Because Good Ideas Are NOT Waiting For You At The Office


Have you become a creature of habit?

When you started your new business, after a process of trial an error, you discovered the best way to handle specific processes and different scenarios.

Today, you have a routine in place.

Although the routine’s working, there may be more efficient alternatives to what you’re currently doing; alternatives which could save you both time and money.

As with many entrepreneurs, business innovations go unnoticed as a result of becoming consumed by day-to-day operations. There are phone calls to make, appointments to be met, clients to entertain, and, of course, a personal life to manage.


When different scenarios arise, how do you handle them? Do you fall back on what you know or turn to the internet for help?

Falling back on what you know may not be the best problem-solving solution to new challenges. Solutions which have worked in the past may not crossover to the new challenges which lay before you.

As for the internet, it is a good place to research solutions to handling issues. However, an informative blog or company website may not provide you with a strategy that works for your small business.


After running into a few road blocks, there comes a time where some serious brainstorming needs to happen.

Brainstorming ideas on your own has its benefits, such as (1) not having your ideas shot down, (2) no corporate standards to abide by, and (3) the freedom to explore different avenues based your budget and resources.

For some entrepreneurs, the downside to individual brainstorming is the inability to reach out beyond what they know.

Feeling stressed and rushed impacts effective brainstorming, generating frustration and negative feelings which lead to a severe mental block; limiting or completely shutting down creative thinking.


The benefit to brainstorming with others is the opportunity to view challenges from different perspectives.

Even big corporations realize the need to bring people together to come up with solutions to company challenges. It’s the reason why many corporations in America today hire consultants, from outside their respective businesses, to generate new ideas on business and cost efficiency.

At EntreFEST, in addition to hearing from dynamic small business speakers on an assortment of entrepreneurial topics, you will also be provided with time to network with other entrepreneurs from around the state.

This will be your chance to hear how other self-employed business professionals handle the same types of everyday challenges you do.

Once the event ends, you will walk away with the information you need and better methods on how to better handle issues when they arise.


is a two-day seminar taking place May 14th-16th in Iowa City.

Since 2008, this colossal event has equipped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business leaders with resourceful knowledge and innovative ideas, helping catapult small companies to the next level in their selected markets.

In addition to privileged information and helpful tips from high profile entrepreneurial speakers; the event offers breakout sessions where attendees can network, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions.

Sessions which bring liked minds together, developing long-term business relationships.

Not familiar with EntreFEST? Learn more now!

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