Take Care of Your Business by Taking Care of Your Health

Take Care of Your Business by Taking Care of Your Health

By: U.S.SourceLink | Mar 11, 2014

Start-up and established company owners will vouch, owning your own business can take its toll on your time, energy, and health.  There is always one more thing that should be done, one more phone call to make, one more customer to follow up with, which can add up to no time left for exercising, eating well, or even sleep.

Making changes to incorporate healthier habits in a daily routine are sometimes attempted at the beginning of a new year, with a bunch of resolutions that end up fading in time.  In their blog post, 7 Steps to a Healthier and Happier Life, Peak Health Advocates of Pennsylvania recommend gradual, realistic change adoption.

What is unique about their new-fangled approach?  Well, for starters, they realize that people want to change, but radical change is difficult to maintain. Peak’s suggestion is to start with only one small change, and stick with it for a week before adding anything else.  They also allow for some vices to continue, like coffee drinking, and other habits that may not be the best for health, but may not be harmful in the short term.  The post also includes an interesting cycle diagram of how fatigue and lack of energy are perpetuated by the stimulants we take to overcome them!

Not enough credit is given the sun, that big star that lights our solar system.  Sunlight is a natural stimulant and energy producer, often overlooked as a needed daily infusion in Americans’ busy “diets.”  Peak advocates 20-30 minutes of direct sun exposure every day; or, if this is not possible, to consider infusing alternatives that provide similar benefits.

A host of other suggestions are included in the blog post.  A key is to join with others to help keep you on track and reel you in if you get caught in a downstream current!

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