Ten Major Items Facing Iowa Small Business Owners in 2013

Ten Major Items Facing Iowa Small Business Owners in 2013

We have a big year coming up! With all the news around health insurance, the “”fiscal cliff“”, the reelection of Obama, etc; we have this question for you: what do you believe are the major challenges facing small business owners in 2013? Please use the Disqus commenting engine below to give us your feedback as Iowa small business owners. To help frame the discussion, here is a link to general explanations of the federal administrations fiscal year 2013 revenue proposals. Additionally, here is a Google search for more Iowa specific agenda items for 2013.

1. Financing

a. Grant Availability
b. Loan Availability
c. Underwater Situation

2. Regulation

a. How Can I Grow?
b. How Can I Innovate?
c. Depleting Sales
d. Am I ‘Legal’

4. Healthcare

a. Regulation changes- mandated coverage

5. Technology 

a. Online Sales Competition

b. Movement toward Mobile

6. Industry Shifts

7. Consumer Shifts

8. Business Succession

a. Want to Sell, but to whom?

b. Selling to Family

9. Human Resources

a. Finding employees

b. How to Hire

c. Problem Employees

10. Competition

a. How do I Compete

b. Online Pricing


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