Home Base Iowa: Connecting Veterans to Civilian Careers

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Home Base Iowa: Connecting Veterans to Civilian Careers

The Fourth of July is such a fun time of year! Fireworks, camping, barbeques, and parades. This week is a great time to celebrate and gather with our friends and families, but also a time to remember the people who fought for, and to protect our freedoms as Americans. One program we have here in Iowa to support those who have served is Home Base Iowa (HBI). 

This unique program helps connect veterans and transitioning service members with HBI partners and resources. HBI helps these skilled veterans gain career opportunities through their vast pool of resources. As 200,000 military members transition out of the military HIB strives to make Iowa the State of Choice for veterans and service members to gain employment, and education, and find a community that is affordable, family-friendly, and welcoming. HBI’s Mission is to provide veterans and transitioning service members and their families with opportunities and benefits for a successful transition in Iowa & a place to call home. 

Listen to veteran Billy Fox’s story (originally from Pella, IA). Billy was able to find work and adjust to a new community through the help of Home Base Iowa. Fox talks about how different the work he did overseas, serving in the military, is compared to the day-to-day work of a civilian job here in the States. He then goes on to talk about the great and varied skills veterans have to offer companies, but they sometimes struggle translating military skills into what is needed in civilian jobs. HBI is a great tool to help veterans and families transition from a life in the military to a different community or a steady job here in the States. HBI helped Billy look into several positions before he was able to land his current role as a Security Manager at Vermeer.


Hopefully, as you enjoy Independence Day festivities, you will take time to remember to think about why the day is so special. If you know a veteran or service member who is looking to head in a new direction, point them towards Home Base Iowa. They’re sure to have a resource who is more than willing to help.

For more accessible veteran resources, check out our Resources for Women, Minority, Veteran, and Disabled Owned Businesses guide. 

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