Creating Stories On Social Media For Small Business Owners

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Creating Stories On Social Media For Small Business Owners

Social media stories… Have you heard of them? If you haven’t yet, today’s your lucky day. Social media marketing is constantly evolving, but the stories feature for small businesses and brands is here to stay. A social media story via Facebook or Instagram will allow businesses to creatively reach their audience, and so far they have been a hit across both platforms.

This post will educate on the basics of social media stories, their functionality for small businesses, the benefits of using this feature, and how YOU can incorporate social media stories for your small business.

What are social media stories?

Social media stories are 10-15 second photos or videos at full screen that can be taken vertically or horizontally. These stories give a slightly different view into the life of a person or business.

The best part? The most recently posted stories appear at the top of your feed, meaning your story is given prime real estate on the feed of your followers. The more stories you post, the more exposure your business will gain. Not to mention, the more your followers view your stories, the higher ranking your posts will appear on their main feed.

Oftentimes, we try to keep our social media content business focused and aesthetically pleasing, but social media stories allow your small business to share creative content in a quick and easily consumable way. This could mean posting about new product launches, behind the scene footage, upcoming events, sales, or discounts, and more on your story. Also, social media stories have many fun filters and effects that allow you to personalize your photo or video in whatever way your business character shows best.

Another cool feature that benefits businesses is the option for your viewers to slide up and respond to your posted story. These messages could range from sending an emoji describing their reaction about what you posted or even them commenting with a question they might have concerning your business. These reactions or comments will show up in your direct message inbox. It’s a great addition that allows for connection and communication with your viewers. Now that you know a little more about what social media stories are, let’s talk about the platforms you can find this feature on.

Today, we’re going to dig specifically into the use of stories on Instagram and Facebook. These two platforms have had the most success when it comes to social media marketing and small businesses. Below we will show you where you can find this feature on both platforms.

Facebook Stories:

As you will notice, most platforms focus their stories right at the top of the app to grab the user’s attention. While this feature is more made for mobile use, desktop displays Facebook stories as well.

Add a Facebook story by clicking the plus sign icon on the photo of your profile picture that says “Create story” while on the homepage. If your small business uses Instagram too you can create your post on Instagram and sync it to both stories.

All stories, both business and personal accounts, are shown in the same spot. Social media stories tend to be the first thing that someone scrolls through when getting on social media; therefore it’s important to post frequently and be sure to stay on top of your viewers’ feeds.

Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are very similar to Facebook, except they appear as small circles with your profile photo. When you post a story on Instagram, your profile will appear along the top of your followers feed, letting them know you have something posted. Instagram users most likely follow many brands and organizations, so consistency in posting is a sure way to stay top of mind (and at the top of your followers feed)!

Below is a graphic showing how to post a story on both Facebook and Instagram: 

Ready to use Facebook and Instagram stories? Check out how other small businesses in Iowa are using these stories already to connect with their audience!

Share an event happening in your area: 
Advertise a new product: 
Share behind the scenes: 
Re-share a post to your story:

Now, you may be asking yourself, why do I need to utilize social media stories as a small business owner?

Social media stories are a great way to spread your business message and increase your business engagement. These stories allow for your small business to express itself in any way, at any time. Not only that, but the concept allows your customers to stay engaged with your business on a day to day basis. The features that are offered within the stories are not only useful, but engaging and fun. Not to mention, the applications also allow you to link your storefront, profile, or recent post. This will remind your followers to look at your website and view your profile.

The options are unlimited and there is something that will work for every small business when it comes to these stories. By incorporating social media stories into your marketing strategy, you’ll increase follower engagement and take your brand’s exposure to new heights!

Want to take the next step in involving social media stories on your small business platform but not sure how? Contact the Panther Biz Hub at UNI JPEC. The Panther Biz Hub is a student-led program that assists small businesses from across the state with their digital marketing needs, digital education, and overall web presence. To contact the Panther Biz Hub. email [email protected] or visit their webpage.

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