From the Archive: Hiring Veterans

From the Archive: Hiring Veterans

From tax incentives and advantages, to the job skills already learned through service, hiring U.S. Armed Forces veterans is good for your business, good for veterans and good for the overall economy. Going through the IASourceLink archives, this is a topic that has been covered multiple times in the past. Check out these three archived posts about focused on hiring veterans.

Hire a vet: it’s good for business!

There are lots of great reasons why to hire veterans. They are efficient, calm under pressure, used to diversity and inclusion, and have leadership experience.  Even beyond the fact that many vets make great hard-working and efficient employees, there are also some economic advantages.

Things to Consider When Hiring Iowa Veterans

In general, taking on new employees always stir important questions: do I have an EIN number, is my accounting system set up to handle payroll, do I need to include unemployment, how much should I pay new hires, etc. Now that we have covered some of the benefits of hiring veterans, and where to look for veterans who are seeking employment, now we can shift gears to things to consider when hiring Iowa vets.

Where can Iowa Companies Find Veterans for Open Job Positions?

Following our last post on the economic benefits of hiring an Iowa veteran, the next question is where to find them. One of your first stops to find vets to hire, should be to talk with your regional Veteran Representative with Iowa Workforce Development. Part of their role includes matching Iowa firms with qualified vets for open job opportunities using their local and regional veteran databases of job seekers.

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