Startup Event Headed to Dubuque

Startup Event Headed to Dubuque

On April 7, 2016 in Dubuque, Iowa an event called TechnoriDBQ will debut in the evening hours between 5-8pm at the Julien Dubuque Hotel.

Founded in Chicago, Technori is itself a startup and is building a movement around showcasing tomorrow’s start up leaders on our stage. We empower and connect entrepreneurs through highly curated showcase events. For many of our startups, we sit right at the moment between launch and traction. For others, we come at the moment between launching and raising funds.

Technori gathers 500 people together, every single month, to watch as five startups launch on-stage. With a production quality that far exceeds comparable events, Technori is designed to elevate the startup showcase to a level on-par with theater experience. TechnoriDBQ invites any entrepreneurs, career seekers, and business leaders, venture capitalists to take part in this showcase of entrepreneurial activity in and around the tri-states region.

TechnoriDBQ is also looking for startups who are 0-24 months post-launch, either technology entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs whose product/service has a strong technological backbone. So, this means we are hoping to attract new companies that are perhaps just pre- or post-funding and who are looking for more traction in the marketplace.

Startups should participate because:​

– Technori offers a powerful stage for startups to present their idea and market their product

– We help our presenting startups gain traction and jumpstart their investment in the tri-states region

– Your participation shines a spotlight on what is happening in Iowa and the tri-states region If you are an entrepreneur and want to apply to present.

The application for presenters can be found here, just make sure to choose Dubuque, Iowa as a location. Check into Technori Dubuque on facebook, or @technoridbq on twitter for additional information. Applicants can apply up until mid-February!

Erin Dragotto, Co-Producer, Technori

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