Big Brand Strategies for Small Businesses

Big Brand Strategies for Small Businesses

Most big brands have got it going on! They have a loyal following, a great tagline or jingle and a well-established position in the market. After all, they have the money to invest in research and know what works.

Follow these 5 Rules as described by EAG Advertising and Marketing to utilize big brand strategies for your small business.

Establish a Position
List out your competitors, figure out what they do well and what they do poorly. Then determine how you differentiate yourself. Perform a simple exercise: From a customer’s perspective, come up with 3 words that describe your company, use those 3 words in 3 sentences that describe your competitive advantage or position. Make sure they are short, easy to understand and resonate with your customers. These will be your guiding light for all your marketing and branding until the market changes.

Speak with a Single Voice
Successful brands deliver the same quality product and the same brand message over and over with similar styles and images. Deliver a brief, on-target message spoken like a customer, to the customer that conveys the customer experience.

Reward Customer Loyalty
It’s cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one. So, make your customers your friends, make it personal – thank them and reward them!

Find the Emotional Connection
Customers with an emotional connection are loyal. Even the most mundane of commodities is purchased by a human being – find out what that person’s passionate about and give them an emotional connection to your brand.

Become a Great Storyteller
In previous years, companies could push their messages onto the customer through a number of marketing channels. As digital media is evolving, so are consumer’s methods of receiving information. Customers will have engaged with your business before entering your front door. So, a business must start with great stories, videos and pictures that will be shared and spread amongst friends to grow and prosper.

Big brands have the time, money and ability to invest in figuring out what works with marketing. As a small business owner, you can simply watch what some of your favorite brands are doing and apply it to your company – no need to reinvent the wheel!

Content contributed by Jenny Miller via ​MOSourceLink.

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