Round Up: Tips and Trends to Help with Your 2015 Business Resolutions

Round Up: Tips and Trends to Help with Your 2015 Business Resolutions

Got a handle on crowdsourcing? Responsive design? Remarketing? Ready for a fresh batch of business goals and entrepreneurial trends for 2015? Or maybe you’re thinking about starting a business?

We’re here to help you turn the fresh start of a New Year into your head start on your business resolutions. Crib from these lists as you craft your list of to-dos, look for new markets and plan your next steps.

Start or Grow a Business

How to Start a Business
in Iowa
Planning to start a business in the New Year? Start here with tips to help you plan your business, find a location and prepare for success.

How to Grow Your Business in Iowa
Grow your company with the help of business resources around planning, marketing, HR and more.

Business Trends

14 Startups to Watch
Some are trying to transform messaging, some are attempting to conquer the sharing economy and some are media companies trying to make it big. From Business Insider, here are the top 14 startups to watch.

Top 10 Business Trends
From the evolution of your salesforce to the anti-personas to repel the wrong clients, here are two handfuls of trends that promise to shape business success in 2015. And for those who are going after the bonus points, here are five millennial trends for marketers. Go get ‘em!

10 Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2015
Looks like 2015 is going to be a good year to consider starting a business. Here are the top 10 most promising industries, according to Forbes.

Get to Know Gen Z
Ford Motor Company recently published its 2015 trend report, and no matter what size your company is–or in what industry it does business–the insights into customer trends and demographics are extremely valuable for any company.

Money Matters

Figure Out that Funding
Funding for start-up and growing businesses often depends on the stage of the business and the amount of money needed. See this list for different types of funding.

Get a Handle on 2014 Tax Deductions and Credits
Nobody enjoys more deductions and tax credits than small business owners. Start shopping around for a killer CPA if you don’t already have one and meet with them before tax season gets crazy to see where you can save.

Steal These Resolutions

. . . From Social Media Marketers
Get a glimpse into the resolutions from social media folks from the likes of Hyatt Hotels and Abercombie.

. . . From Successful People
World-changing entrepreneurs, including Arianna Huffington and Mark Cuban, share their 2015 resolutions.

 . . . From Ted Talks
Here are the talks—often unexpected—where the folks at TED found inspiration for their New Year’s resolutions.

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