From the Desk of Director Durham – 9/4/14

From the Desk of Director Durham – 9/4/14

In this month’s edition, IEDA Director Durham discusses the importance of international trade to Iowa’s economy. Of particular note is Director Durham’s mention of the IEDA International Trade Office and the assistance their office provides to Iowa small business owners interested in international trade. Also important is the upcoming October 8th Introduction to NAFTA event held in partnership with ISU CIRAS, IEDA International Trade Office, and Renew Rural Iowa.

IEDA International Trade Office helps Iowa companies in developing or expanding international markets and also assists with marketing their products and services worldwide. They offer targeted financial assistance as well as individual consultation, technical assistance and educational seminars.

Renew Rural Iowa provides financial resources, mentoring, and business education opportunities to help existing small town Iowa companies grow. They combine the expertise of seasoned business experts and important resources in their seminars, so business owners can access a variety of resources whenever they choose.

ISU Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) has consistently delivered proven services to enhance the performance of industry. Their three step approach of engaging, educating, and embedding allows for both businesses and communities to thrive and grow.

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