REASON #9 To Attend EntreFEST: Because It’s the Next Step Toward Your Success

REASON #9 To Attend EntreFEST: Because It’s the Next Step Toward Your Success

Working on fundamentals, in any sport, is not only important in terms of understanding what skill sets are necessary, but also helps athletes fine-tune their abilities.

In addition to the basics, athletic hopefuls need to play their game of choice to better understand what it takes to become a top player. It goes without saying, an aspiring athlete who dreams of playing on a professional stage will never reach the level of competition they desire by solely focusing on the fundamentals.

To become a major player you fine-tune abilities with fundamentals, and then take those skills onto the playing field.

True learning comes from playing the sport. Playing helps athletes better understand what areas of their performance they need to work on and what success entails.

The same concept goes for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Many have dreams of running their own business; however struggle to more forward out of fear. Not the fear of long hours or amount work, but the fear of failure and feeling ill prepared.

Many talk a big game, but when the moment arrives to take the field, they choose to return to the practice field, waiting for this right moment to arrive; a point in time when they’ve successfully mastered all the necessary skills and knowledge to begin their venture.

However, big plans and ideas don’t evolve without experience.Studying, researching, and taking a few college classes may lay a nice foundation for an aspiring entrepreneur, however if they never set foot on the court, the reality of one day running their own company will be nothing more than a figment of their imagination.

Becoming an entrepreneur involves more than passion and education, it involves courage; the courage to take the field and face the giants who stand in their way.

The step you’ve already taken!

You’re experience as an entrepreneur has taught you a number of techniques and skills to help your business grow. None of which would have been possible without stepping foot onto the field of opportunity.


Now that you’re much more educated and experienced in your specific industry, you know the areas which need improvement.

That’s why EntreFEST is so critical to your future. You have the opportunity to find out what others are doing differently than you. Plus, attending EntreFEST will give you a broader view of the opportunities available to you.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, this is a CAN’T MISS event!

The little you spend for this conference will result in HUGE payouts for your company.


is a two-day seminar taking place May 14th-16th in Iowa City.

Since 2008, this colossal event has equipped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business leaders with resourceful knowledge and innovative ideas, helping catapult small companies to the next level in their selected markets.

In addition to privileged information and helpful tips from high profile entrepreneurial speakers; the event offers breakout sessions where attendees can network, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions.

Sessions which bring liked minds together, developing long-term business relationships.

Not familiar with EntreFEST? Learn more now!

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