Reason #8 to Attend EntreFEST: To See How Other Entrepreneurs Are Making It

Reason #8 to Attend EntreFEST: To See How Other Entrepreneurs Are Making It

EnteFEST is an entrepreneurial energy drink which mixes education with inspiration, which leads to motivation, sparking an internal flame of determination toward success.

It’s two days of intense coaching from an elite team of professionals willing to invest in you if you’re willing to stay focused and put in the necessary work.

In addition to the privilege of hearing from successful entrepreneurs looking to elevate you to become the business leader you’ve always dreamed of becoming, EntreFEST also hosts the Dream Big Grow Here state-wide competition.

The Dream Big Grow Here competition is offered to new entrepreneurs, or aspiring ones, to showcase their business, or business idea, for chances at winning financial grants to invest in their current or future company.

Dream Big Grow Here Competition

If you’re not familiar with the Dream Big Grow Here contest, it’s an annual business grant competition, which began in 2010, open to current and aspiring Iowan entrepreneurs.

The competition begins at a regional level where contestants compete for a $5,000 regional grant. One winner from each region advances to the statewide competition held at EntreFEST for a chance to take home a $10,000 grand prize. The competition divides the state into 10 regions. Small business leaders, or those seeking to begin their entrepreneurial career, submit a summary of their current or dream self-employment venture.

Each submission is reviewed by a panel of judges who determine which ones will be featured for their specific region. Those who qualify have their business summary placed online.

Winners are based on the number of online votes they receive. Once the voting period expires, the applicant with the most online votes receives a $5,000 cash award and advances to the Dream Big Grow Here state-wide competition at EntreFEST.

Contestants at the EntreFEST event present their businesses or company ideas to a panel of judges who will critique them on different categories including overall model, how funds would be used if they should win, and the potential for business growth going forward.

Come and see how others are doing it

As you’re taking in all the knowledge and networking opportunities at EntreFEST, you’re invited to attend the Dream Big Grow Here competition and hear what other entrepreneurs are doing to further their business – offering knowledge which could be invaluable to your specific business.

The 2014 Dream Big Grow Here statewide pitch-off will be held on Thursday, May 15th, starting at 6 p.m. at the historic Englert Theatre in downtown Iowa City.

About EntreFEST

EntreFEST is a two-day seminar taking place May 14th-16th in Iowa City.

Since 2008, this colossal event has equipped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business leaders with resourceful knowledge and innovative ideas, helping catapult small companies to the next level in their selected markets.

In addition to privileged information and helpful tips from high profile entrepreneurial speakers; the event offers breakout sessions where attendees can network, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions.

Sessions which bring liked minds together, developing long-term business relationships.

Not familiar with EntreFEST? Learn more now!

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