REASON #7 TO ATTEND EntreFEST: Because it’s time to get inspired

REASON #7 TO ATTEND EntreFEST: Because it’s time to get inspired


You’re an entrepreneur.

You’re a builder, an innovator, the answer to all the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’s’.

You’re not a bench warmer, a role player, or even a coach. You’re the entire team! You represent everything. You’re the CEO, the marketing unit, the accounting department, the project leader, the office manager, and occasionally you even play the part of your very own personal administrative assistant.

You put in long hours, survive on limited sleep, and learn how to function with a fluctuating monthly budget.

60-hour workweeks (if you’re lucky) have become the new normal.

You put on a friendly smile, rub a few elbows, make a few public appearances, and post just enough online content to maintain visibility, yet not become too annoying.

Over time you’ve learned first contact is vital to long relationships, meeting deadlines is critical to your credibility, and avoiding risks can have dual effects.

You’re in it to win it.
Excuses are time-wasters, crying gets you no where, and a soft shell will inevitably hold you back. Reaching the summit means handling the expected, working through the unexpected, and viewing trial and error as an advantage, not a setback.

Success is not inherited; it’s built by people like YOU who put in long hours, make multiple sacrifices, and work through obstacles.

But you already know this, because you’re an entrepreneur.


What is your motivation for getting out of bed in the morning? What drives you toward the goals you set for yourself?

On second thought, let me ask a different question.

What discourages you? What events or circumstances in your career, so far, have made you consider quitting or pursuing a new line of business?

When tough times come, do they extinguish or ignite your passion?

Are you the type who puts in longer hours at work until you feel things are under control, or are you the type that runs off to your quiet place to sulk for a few days?

Either way, we all need a little encouragement from time to time.

Someone to come along and remind us why we chose the path we did. Someone who can speak about the struggles they encountered as a rookie entrepreneur, and today are a better person because of it.

At EntreFEST, you’re going to get the privilege of hearing from several high profile speakers who are going to offer their wisdom and life experiences to help you better understand what entrepreneurship entails, but also remind you that anything is possible.

Everyone’s battery eventually runs low and needs recharging. Therefore, take a few minutes to review the EntreFEST website and get signed up for the May 14-16th event taking place in Iowa City.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get inspired!!


is a two-day seminar taking place May 14th-16th in Iowa City.

Since 2008, this colossal event has equipped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business leaders with resourceful knowledge and innovative ideas, helping catapult small companies to the next level in their selected markets.

In addition to privileged information and helpful tips from high profile entrepreneurial speakers; the event offers breakout sessions where attendees can network, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions.

Sessions which bring liked minds together, developing long-term business relationships.

Not familiar with EntreFEST? Learn more now!

Content contributed by Matthew Cassady, IASourceLinkIASourceLink is a proud affiliate of U.S. SourceLink, America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.

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