Reason #3 to attend EntreFEST: Because it’s not just what you know, but who you connect with

Reason #3 to attend EntreFEST: Because it’s not just what you know, but who you connect with

Regardless how long you’ve been an entrepreneur, there’s always something new to learn.

Whether in terms of marketing, time management, effective sales techniques, or smart communication styles.

Books and online references are viable resources in terms of understanding the HOW TO’s when it comes to starting and maintaining your own business. However, in many cases, most books and web references do not speak to your specific business or address your personal challenges.

Realistically, it would be great to work with someone who knows exactly how to handle the obstacles you face on a daily basis; or, at the very least, being able to work along side someone who is dealing with the very same difficulties as you.

Having a mentor would be great, but they would prefer to get paid for their services. Without much or any income, that is most likely not an option.

Fortunately EntreFEST is coming to Iowa City May 14-17!!

This two-day conference will provide you with business professionals ready to offer their expertise on:

  • What it takes to start up and maintain a successful small business;
  • Ways to build your business;
  • Tips and resources you need to build your business. People, just like you, who started with nothing but a dream and turned it into a successful fulltime venture.

In addition to the amount of knowledge you will be provided with, each EntreFEST event includes breakout sessions which will allow you to network and build long lasting relationships with people who have knowledge to share, as well as others who may want to tap into your wisdom.

During breakout sessions you will have the opportunity to discuss achievements and challenges with those in your group, as well as brainstorm new methods and alternatives to overcoming barriers.

Again, the length of time you have been an entrepreneur is irrelevant. This event is for those who are serious about running a successful company and ready to make connections to help meet their goals and the goals of their Iowa business partner’s.

When the event wraps up on Sunday, you will leave feeling reenergized with a mountain of ideas and passion to begin incorporating the following Monday.

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