Women Empowered by Entrepreneurship – Interview with Wendy Veach

Women Empowered by Entrepreneurship – Interview with Wendy Veach

While there is a wealth of educational information for business startups and traditional businesses, rural business owners, like many less traditional business owners have long been neglected. One of the voices leading that charge is Wendy Veatch, director of outreach programming for the Center for Entrepreneurship at Wichita State University. As a woman and entrepreneurship expert, Veatch has seen first hand how entrepreneurship can empower marginalized populations, from rural residents to minorities to women. She was recently featured on the Bank of America website in a Q/A interview written by Erin O’Donnell.

While many women in business encounter the so-called “glass ceiling”, Veatch believes this is not the reason that drives most women into entrepreneurship. She cites the need for schedule flexibility as a top concern for female entrepreneurs. Or, “they find they have a skill set that’s valuable, and they realize that it’s a business,” Veatch said.

Regardless of the reason for adopting entrepreneurial ventures, women are taking more risks, according to Veach. “I think inherently there has to be more risk-taking,” she said. In today’s economy, risk is the status-quo. Veach believes, “It’s not about risk; it’s about survival.”

Women entrepreneurs in particular are empowered by the idea of ownership when it comes to entrepreneurship, says Veach. “The benefit, the beauty, the allure of having your own business is at the end of the day, whether it works or it doesn’t work, it’s yours and nobody can ever take that away. It becomes very personal.”

Read the full interview with Veach, including her thoughts on women entrepreneurship inspiration, networking advice, and other observations about women in business.

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