Little Jerry Seinfeld

Little Jerry Seinfeld

What Little Jerry Seinfeld can teach us about being nimble

When I started this series, I thought the material available to me would limit things to 5 or 6 posts, but thanks to Kramer alone I could probably keep this thing going forever.  In “The Little Jerry” things start out normal enough as we learn that Kramer has bought a chicken – pretty common stuff.  He soon finds out his chicken is actually a rooster – which explains its lack of egg production.

Startups face these issues all the time.  It might not be specifically with poultry, but they often find themselves in situations where they were planning for one scenario only to have things game-changed on them.  No matter your amount of planning, you can’t completely remove the curveballs that may come your way.  How you deal with those is many times the ultimate indicator of your ability to be a success.

For Kramer and Little Jerry Seinfeld that meant a new career in cock fighting.  Lucky for Little Jerry, he was pretty good at it and I am guessing the money ended up being better than laying eggs for a living.

Dan Beenken is Director of the UNI SBDC.

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