How do you grow your business after the excitement of the launch?

How do you grow your business after the excitement of the launch?

Last evening I was reading a book I received as a gift recently, and came across the phrase about love relationships. It said sometimes in the beginning the flame is fast and hot, but as the flame dies down, hopefully it evolves into a deep glow that sustains.

I wondered about the flame and excitement of starting a new business; and for many entrepreneurs, the idea phase and launch is where the excitement is; but as it comes time to sustain, perhaps it becomes a bit boring?

So how does one sustain the business after the excitement of the launch?

A blog post by Timothy Ng on Maintaining Motivation in your Business gives a thoughtful summary of tips for maintaining self-motivation, including:

  • Remember why you are in business for yourself;
  • Reward yourself;
  • Use tools for staying motivated;
  • Stay Organized;
  • Take time to refresh and get away;
  • Remember to include others, share with others.

If excitement wears down after a while, when things become routine, bringing in another person who thrives on details and orderliness could be your best second move to maintain and grow. Each person has their greatest talent, so make use of those whose skills compliment yours, so you can spend your time doing what you do best.
Resource partners listed in the IASourceLink navigator are also skilled and caring consultants who can assist you as your business transitions to the next stage. Seek their help to keep that flame alive!

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