Why Stanford is Going to Rock Our Free Webinar on Thursday!

Why Stanford is Going to Rock Our Free Webinar on Thursday!

I’ve been following the Pushing Social blog for around a year now, and have been consistently impressed with both the quality and frequency of content that Stanford creates. Even today as I was working on this article, I picked up a new tool from this recent post of over 50 blogging ideas to steal. I’m very excited for his savvy business blogging in seven easy steps free webinar this Thursday. I thought that it might be nice to point out some of my favorite articles from Pushing Social in advance of our interactive presentation.  Here are just a few tips I’ve picked up from Stan; I hope to see many of you online this Thursday to learn from the master himself!

One Reason Your Posts Aren’t Getting Comments

A few things make this article one of my favorites. The first thing that struck me (and kept me reading) was the story-telling nature of the opening. The way that Stanford talks about campfires puts me right in the middle of the night staring into a campfire, and surrounded by my friends. The lesson behind the post is every bit as important; that sharing is a dialog which moves people to comment. If you can harness this power, you’re half the way there in your blogging!

Sheep and Pirates: How to Play the Guest Post Game and Win

One of the main reasons I love this post is because you can totally ‘hear’ Stanford’s voice. Another reason is that it has to do with pirates (and sheep?)- this strange combo makes it irresistible to ignore.  Lastly, I caught some good tips on how to approach guest blogging.

Are You a Blogging Warrior or Wimp

Here again, Stanford’s voice and his values come in to shine. I picked this article to feature, because it really challenged me to think about my blog and how I can become a blogging warrior.

How to Write Your First 10 Small Business Blog Posts

For those of you just starting out with blogging, this article from Pushing Social on ten small business blog posts to start your blog with will prove to be very useful. When I was just starting out on our MyEntre.Net blog, I looked to this post for ideas on how I would start out. I still go back to it today to rethink the ten ideas he proposes, and how I might flip it on its head for new content.

Great Blogs Always Get This Right

The title says it all- as it should! Headlines are one of the most critical factors to driving traffic to your content. Check out Stanford’s tips for how to construct memorable and must-click blog titles.

How to Get Better Results with Your List Posts

Since lists are so important to blogging, I found Stanford’s take both refreshing and helpful.

And of course… 

Be sure to catch Stanford on Thursday’s free webinar as he covers Savvy Business Blogging in 7 Easy Steps!

Rob Williams is a Business Analyst for the University of Northern Iowa

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