Best-Kept Secret for Iowa Business Assistance

Best-Kept Secret for Iowa Business Assistance

By Patrick Luensmann, Program Director UNI Center for Business Growth and Innovation

“Business Concierge” – An information specialist who assists small business owners in finding solutions to their most pressing questions by facilitating connections to the right people, data, and resources.

The Iowa Business Concierge has served small business owners and entrepreneurs across Iowa since 2010. The ‘BC” as it is known amongst the staff has become the go to program for information needs and connections for Iowans. The BC has multiple resources to assist with answering any question.

Rather than boring you with the details, I will share two stories of how the BC assisted Iowa companies.

Client Example: Industry information – Information is power. Knowing where the market is headed can help make decisions on growth and how/where to do it. The BC is able to provide market intelligence at many levels. In a recent client project, the BC team delivered information on the growth in the mobile gaming industry and information on the demographics of people playing mobile games as well as the amount spent on average by a single user. Which for freemium apps is $1.08 per month per user!

Client Example: Business customer information – Having a great product or service is less than half the battle. Being able to find and target the right customers has a tremendous impact on your business. In a recent client case – the BC team helped a roller rink identify area youth groups to allow them to market their space and events. With access to over 300 contact names they were able to generate new business through a direct marketing campaign.

Those are only two quick examples of the information the team can provide. How much does it cost? The BC service is provided at no-cost to the user!

How do you get help? That’s easy – you can call the BC team at 866-537- 6052, email [email protected], or fill out the request form. The team will reply within 72 hours and begin working on your request. No question is too big or small for the BC team so help us stay true to our motto and ‘Ask Us Anything!’

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