Be a Part of Small Business Week 

Be a Part of Small Business Week 

By Cally Reed, UNI Center for Business Growth and Innvoation

National Small Business Week takes place each year to recognize and celebrate the many economic contributions of small businesses, and the outstanding work of small business owners at the local, state, and national level. This practice of recognizing and awarding the critical work of small businesses has taken place over the past five decades in the Unites States. This year the legacy of this celebration will continue during the week April 30th-May 6th, 2017.

Small Business Award Recipients of Iowa

The Small Business Administration takes this opportunity to give recognition to specific people and companies who do outstanding work. People are able to nominate set forth to be worth of celebration of their contribution and success. The Small Business Administration has announced Iowa’s three outstanding individual business owners 2017 Small Business Week Award Winners. Congratulations winners!

To find out more about the award winners, read the Small Business Administration’s article titled, “”SBA Annouces Iowa’s 2017 Small Business Week Award Winners.””

Show Your Appreciation for Small Businesses

You can be a part of the Small Business Week festivities this year!  Here are a few simple ideas to show your appreciation during Small Business Week.

  • Join the national Small Business Week conversation by using the hashtag #DreamSmallBiz and follow @SBAgov on Twitter for all the latest updates and stories going on during Small Business Week 2017.
  • The next time you visit your favorite local business, ask to speak to the manager or owner, and show you care by sharing a thought as simple as, “Thank you for all you do to delight your customers, keep up the good work!”

In my experience working for Iowa’s entrepreneurs and small business owners, I can tell you first hand that they show great dedication to their craft, they care about their customers, and they work hard. Small Business Week is a chance to show our gratitude and give a nod of recognition to small business owners for all they do to make lives better.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity to grow a strong supportive culture of entrepreneurship, gratitude, and appreciation for a job well done here in Iowa and in across the U.S during Small Business Week 2017.

A Shout Out to Small Businesses

To the leaders, founders, and CEO’s reading, thank you for all you do to delight your customers, care for your employees and give back to your communities.  Your work makes a difference!

Pass it on.

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