Succession Planning: Tips For Success

Succession Planning: Tips For Success

Succession Planning.  Depending on which end of it you are on, talking about an ending is never fun.  (Unless we are talking about ending the Twins drought in the playoffs).  If you do any quick googling on succession planning, all the talking heads are telling you to start early. Start now, before you get hit by a bus and it’s done for you!  I get it and at the same time I can understand why a business owner would put it off.  No one wants to think about their own mortality.

Advance Iowa’s consulting work puts the focus on the processes, strategies, and people that need to be in place long before exit planning begins.  It’s about making sure your business will flourish and be attractive for someone else to pay you what you want out of it.

Our focus areas:

  • Strategic Planning – Ensuring you have the People and Processes in place to make a transition work
  • Cash Flow – Healthy cash flow is integral to any sale, we’ll help you get there.
  • Road Map – Starting early gives you more options when the time for exit comes around.  We focus on those early stage activities, building a plan, and working with you to move through it

When your company reaches a certain size it needs a different kind of assistance. Advance Iowa is here to help you through these new challenges. For more information on Advance Iowa visit or contact Dan Beenken or Jayne Keilman.

 Dan Beenken, Director, UNI Small Business Development Center

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