Meet the Technology Association of Iowa!

Meet the Technology Association of Iowa!

The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) is the premier professional organization driving the success of the state’s technology industry and tech-based economy.

Members include organizations of every size in virtually every aspect of technology creation, production, application and education in Iowa. But the majority of TAI is made up of businesses and leaders like you – small to medium size organizations working in technology or with strong ties to it.

Being a part of TAI is being part of a community. It’s access to your fellow leaders and peers across the state to work and build your business. It’s a schedule of over 100 TAI events this year, where you and your team can build relationships, support innovation and cultivate industry talent.  It’s promise  that you’ll have fun doing all of it.

There’s a ton of value in a membership, some great examples are:

  • Access to workforce development opportunities like TAI’s HyperStream program, focused on promoting STEM fields to middle school and high school students and providing them with curriculum, mentorship and resources. Right now, 110 TAI HyperStream clubs reach over 1,800 students, over 90% of which go on to pursue STEM degrees in college.
  • Experience Iowa Technology, where TAI brings over 100 college students in technical majors from 13 Iowa colleges to tour and learn about job opportunities at local companies.
  • Private, member/invite only CIO/CTO roundtables to discuss state trends and insights
  • Industry networking events like TechBrew where technologists, leaders, business folks get together to learn about what’s happening in the area and broaden their professional network
  • Local Industry recognition like the Prometheus Awards, which draws 800 of Iowa’s technology leaders together to celebrate and recognize those in the state who have achieved remarkable goals over the past year and Women of Innovation– which elevates and champions women who have achieved excellence in a STEM related field.
  • Growth and support of local industry by serving on committees with other local industry leaders
  • State level public policy work like the recently passed STEM Scholars bill which provides 1:1 matching funds for STEM internships up to $5,000

TAI is your tool to help navigate the technology industry in Iowa. Send us a note and see how TAI can support you!

Patrick Quinn, Director of Membership & Development, TAI

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