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Welcome to the Iowa Business License Information Center!

Did you know the state of Iowa does not have a “general” business license? Instead, Iowa regulates the activity of your business or profession. We wrote a helpful blog to better explain this often misunderstood part of running a business in Iowa, and highly recommend you read it when just starting your business

If your business does require additional licensing: Good news — you're in the right place! Search our database to find licensing you may need to operate. Not sure what you need? We can help! Call or text 319-273-5444, email info@iasourcelink.com, use our Contact Us form, or use the chatbot in the bottom right corner of your screen. We also have a helpful licensing fact sheet you can download for free.

Our website is full of information about collecting and remitting sales tax, registering as an LLC or a Sole Proprietor (Doing Business As), finding funding opportunities, growth opportunities, and much, much more! Are you looking to expand your business to Iowa or did you just hire an employee here and need to know your filing requirements? We wrote a helpful guide to explain this as well.

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