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An 11-Step Guide

Start an Online Business

Learn the vital steps to creating a successful online business!

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Step One

How to Choose an Online Business Model

Having two different business models because you have an offline and online business is very common. Learn about different business models now!

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Step Two

Build a Website

To learn why you need to build a new website for your business, read our guide. We will help you see how a website can help improve your business.

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Step Three

Create an Online Store

Creating an online store for your Iowa business is easier than it has ever been. Read our guide to see how to create a successful online store!

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Step Four

Purchase Your Domain Name

Purchasing the right domain name for your Iowa business is very important. Read our guide on how to find and purchase the best domain name.

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Step Five

Register your Business

Learning how to register your business with the state of Iowa is vital to your business. If you have not registered your business, read this guide!

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Step Six

Collect Sales Tax for Online Orders

Many Iowa business owners have asked us if they need to collect sales tax for online orders. In this guide, we will help you learn how to collect sales tax!

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Step Seven

Additional Licensing for your Online Business

Our team at IASourceLink cannot tell you if your business will need to apply for additional licensing. Use this guide to connect with the needed resources.

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Step Eight

Collect Online Payments

Our team at IASourceLink wants to help your online business collect online payments. Learn more about the different payment collection options you have!

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Step Nine

Ship Your Products

Shipping products may seem like a difficult task. From the initial order, to maintaining a steady supply chain, it's important that you get your shipping process under control.

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Step Ten

SEO Best Practices and Tools

Knowing SEO best practices can be very beneficial to your Iowa business. Learn some tips, tricks and tools to help your business rank for valuable queries!

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Step Eleven

Create an Effective Email Newsletter

Creating an effective email newsletter can help you stay in touch with your customers. Learn how to create an effective newsletter today!

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