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Advanced Deposit Wagering License Print This Page

An advanced deposit wagering license allows an entity to conduct simulcasting at Prairie Meadows.
Contact Information
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
1300 Des Moines Street, Suite 100
Des Moines IA, 50309(map)
Betty Tschetterbetty.tschetter@iowa.gov
P: (515) 281-3060
F: (515) 242-6560

License Details

Code Citation
Who Applies
An entity that has an agreement with Prairie Meadows to conduct simulcasting.
When To Apply
Application must be filed with the administrator of the Racing and Gaming Commission at least 30 days prior to the proposed first day of wagering.
Initial Requirements
Agreement with Prairie Meadows to accept mobile wagering at a pari-mutuel racetrack enclosure. Application must include application fees, completed DCI background packets for the business entity and key staff, and DCI background fees.
One year.
Processing Time
30 days processing time, plus background suitability investigation by DCI.
Fee Structure
Renewal Requirements
Does not pertain.
Does not pertain.
Additional Information
Visit Agency Page for More Information