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Managing Employees

You have hired employees! What are you going to do to keep them? Here are some important things that you should take into consideration for your employees:


  1. Develop consistent policies and follow them. The Small Business Administration has information on how to develop an employee handbook. Many small businesses do not have time to do this on their own. Contacting a qualified HR Consulting company or legal counsel for assistance can streamline this process.

  2. Change your mindset from being the "Doer" to being the "Leader".

  3. Research and learn how to manage all types of employees from high performers to the difficult.

  4. Many times small businesses and startup companies do not realize the value of time and how much time managing employee administration can take. Outsourcing employee administration, payroll and bookkeeping can save small businesses huge amounts of time so that more focus can be applied to operations.

  5. Leading by example and the Golden Rule still apply in all businesses today. Treating others like you want to be treated and not being afraid to know how to do the jobs within your business can help build credibility and respect.