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IASourceLink Nonprofit Resource Provider Sign-up

We want to be a Resource Partner in IASourceLink, a network of service providers for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the state of Iowa. In return for IASourceLink's promotion of our organization, we agree to display the IASourceLink logo and a link to their homepage from our website.

Complete the following fields.  Note, fields which are preceded by a star * are required for the form to be submitted. 

Name of organization for which the profile is being completed
First name of individual completing the profile on behalf of the organization
Last name of individual completing the profile on behalf of the organization
Primary address of the organization
Secondary address of the organization, if applicable
City in which the organization is located in
Primary phone number used by customers to contact the organization for assistance
Phone number extension, if applicable
Fax number for organization, if applicable
Organization’s website address
Organization’s secondary website address, if applicable

Company Description

A one line statement about the organization that will appear in the IA SourceLink Resource Directory which is an alpha listing of all resource provider organizations listed in the IASourceLink database (200 characters or less)
A more detailed description about the organization reflecting the core services available from your organization that will be returned in a search result by the IASourceLink Navigator

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