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Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Print This Page

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) is an agreement among the states set by Congress governing the collection of UCR fees paid by motor carriers, private motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders and leasing companies. https://www.ucr.gov
Contact Information
Department of Transportation
6310 S.E. Convenience Blvd
Ankeny IA, 50021(map)
Customer Services Bureauomcs@iowadot.us
P: (515) 237-3268

License Details

Code Citation
Iowa Code chapter 327B
Who Applies
All interstate motor carriers providing motor vehicle transportation in interstate commerce for compensation and motor private-carriers transporting property by motor vehicle when the carrier is the owner or lessee of the property being transported, as well as brokers, freight forwarders and leasing companies.
When To Apply
At the time your U.S. DOT number is issued, and before interstate transportation begins.
Initial Requirements
Registering and obtaining authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. https://www.ucr.gov
Processing Time
Fee Structure
Fees vary according to the number of vehicles registered.
Renewal Requirements
Does not pertain.
Additional Information
Does not pertain.
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