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The Joy of Being Strange... Together

Mike Wagner, CEO of White Rabbit Group
Presented on February 13, 2014.

Do you struggle to find what makes your products, goods and services different than your competitors? In frustration, do you default to competing on price? The good news is anyone can design innovative value into their business. But you can't do it alone! And it does take determination and hard work.

In this webinar learn how to...

  • Assemble a business design team from among your employees & colleagues
  • Find innovative projects that will differentiate your company
  • Lead your team through a creative process resulting in products and services of exceptional value
It's time you and your team learn how to take wild and strange ideas all the way to practical application- all to grow your business!

Mike Wagner
Mike Wagner is a skilled communicator, facilitator, and business consultant who believes you must “keep creating” to be successful. Mike formed White Rabbit Group ten years ago to inspire and assist organizational leaders in creating remarkable customer experiences that set them apart from their competition.

Mike develops engaging presentations, trainings and facilitations for clients from his vast work experiences with small and medium size enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and leading non-profit organizations. He brings ideas to life through compelling stories to help clients see their path to success.

Mike speaks and trains across the nation on leadership, creativity, and personal development, while also working on-site with organizational leaders to facilitate the creation of remarkable customer experiences.  

You can connect with Mike before the presentation @The_WhiteWabbit or via his Facebook page at White Rabbit Group.

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