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What's the Value of Your Attitude?

Matt Booth, Independent Speaker, Trainer, Coach
Presented Thursday, December 13th at Noon (CDT)

Matt Booth PictureWhat’s The Value of Your Attitude?  There is an old saying that says "attitude is everything" but is this really true?  Attitude is at the start of any endeavor you embark upon!  Attitude helps determine your frame of reference, and ultimately directs your actions.

In our last webinar of the year, you will find that being positive as often as possible will help you be more successful at what you do.  You’ll leave this presentation with practical strategies for keeping your enthusiasm high for a project and learn how that motivation can help you implement solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

Matt Booth is the attitude expert.  Matt is an engaging speaker and author who encourages people to chase their dreams.  His direct, thought-provoking, and inspiring style will leave you ready to tackle the new year.

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