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The Art of Negotiation

Mike Hartwig, CEO of Regal Estates
Presented on September 18, 2014 from Noon-1pm (central)
Webinar Powerpoint: Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is a crucial skill to have, no matter your business.  When you need resources at the lowest prices, you negotiate. If you hire someone for a specific salary range, you negotiate. When you expand your business, or perhaps sell it, you negotiate.  There are hundreds of scenarios in business where you will have to know how to effectively negotiate.  If you've ever wondered how you could become a better negotiator- or just better communicator- this webinar is for you.

Upon receiving his Ph. D. in Education Studies, Mike has held positions of corporate trainer, project director, and business owner. He is also no stranger to the art of successful negotiation himself.  As a former Project Director of a federal discretionary grant, Mike worked with the White House Office of Faith-based Initiatives to secure over $4 million in grants. His unique business sense combined with his relationship skill building led the White House Office of Faith-based Initiatives to ask him to serve as a principal investigator for the Iowa Compassion Fund. He was responsible for helping struggling and start-up nonprofits become self-sustaining. He not only helped them write grants, but he evaluated grant applications and dispersed thousands of dollars to top applicants.

The Administration for Children and Family Services (ACF) also asked Mike to serve as the project director of a $3.5 million multi-year healthy marriage initiative. He worked extensively with the University of Iowa in laying out the research protocol, and setting up benchmarks of success. He oversaw the entire program- articulating the scope, setting the goals, and securing buy-in from multiple public and private stakeholders.

Mike has almost two decades of experience in direct training and counseling- including working for two of the most respected corporate training and seminar firms in the United States- Fred Pryor Seminars, and National Seminars Training.  He has won numerous national awards, including the National Service Award in 2001 for his work with corporations in coaching their employees in how to establish healthy relationship practices.

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