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How to Measure Your Social Media ROI

Justin Wise, Think Digital
Presented Thursday, January 30th at Noon (Central)
Webinar PowerPoint: How to Measure Your Social Media ROI

Do you struggle to find easy ways to measure the effectiveness of your social media activity? Wondering how to set objectives for the content you're creating for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest? Attend this free learning event with social media strategist Justin Wise to learn a step-by-step process for evaluating social media ROI. We'll look at what you should be measuring, how to easily track social media progress, and how to link your business goals with social media activity.

Justin is focused on showing businesses, organizations, and individuals how to get results from their social media content. As the CEO/Founder of the Wise Group, Justin created Think Digital Academy, a social media coaching program designed to help participants build bigger online audiences and influence them to take action. He speaks on the topic of social media strategy at national conferences such as the NRB Research Symposium, CLA Internet & Ministry Technology Summit, and the Nonprofit Leadership Academy.

Justin is also a KAIROS continuingeducation faculty member at Luther Seminary. Prior to that, Justin received his Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary while working at the largest Lutheran church in the country, Lutheran Church of Hope. He has served as the Executive Director for the Center for Church Communication and teaches public relations as an adjunct professor at Drake University. Justin lives in Des Moines with his wife and two children. Connect with him at

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