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Selling To The Government: Is It Right For You?

Pam Russenberger, ISU CIRAS
August 13, 2015 from Noon-1pm (central)
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Government Contracting, or stated more simply “selling to the government” at any level; Federal, State and Local, is enough to make many business owners cringe at the thought. “Too much red tape, good ole boy’s club” are some common thoughts, but all in all it is many times thought of as being a market that is just not worth the perceived headache.

While selling to the government, just like any business endeavor, may not be for everyone, it is certainly a market to consider if you want to diversify your revenue stream. The trick to working with any government agency as a customer is really just educating yourself on the process and getting started.

ISU Center for Industrial Research and Service houses subject matter experts on government contracting, and they would like to assist Iowa businesses in dispelling some of the myths surrounding Government contracting.

 What you'll gain from this webinar:
  • Information on why you may want to consider entering this market
  • Resources and contacts available to help you with this journey
  • Truthful insights to selling to the government
  • Tips to help your business to viably consider whether government sales is for you
Pam Russenberger joined Iowa State University, CIRAS in 2012, where she is now the program director for the Procurement Technical Assistance Program. Pam’s professional experience includes over 9 years in the aerospace and defense industry. She is experienced in multiple facets of business management including contract management, financial management, master planning, proposal preparation and data analysis with a focus on the pursuit and execution of government contracts. She earned her B.S. in Political Science from Minnesota State University and an MBA with a focus on change management from the University of Colorado.

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