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Navigating Through Tough ​Moments

Sinikka Waugh, Your Clear Next Step
December 10, 2015 from Noon-1pm (central)
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sinikkaWouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to resolve our differences with others?

Unfortunately that’s not really the way it is for most of us. We often allow conflict with others to eat away at our joy, to erode our peace, and prevent us from getting things done. This webinar offers a 5-part conflict resolution model to help you resolve differences with others. We’ll explore techniques to navigate through conflict and have difficult conversations with respect and grace. You’ll learn five critical things to remember as you prepare for and engage in a tough moment, including insightful and honest communication, the importance of common ground, the power of unconditional positive regard, and things you can do in-the-moment when conflict is evident.

During this webinar, participants will practice navigating through difficult conversations, and learn valuable communication tools and techniques to help you and your team get past the drama and back to work.

 What you'll gain from this webinar:
  • Learn more about the power of insightful and honest communication
  • Practice working with reusable techniques that will help you manage yourself during difficult communications
  • Learn tips and tools to help manage difficult situations and conversations
Sinikka Waugh, President and Founder of Your Clear Next Step, is a professional problem solver, but she likes to introduce herself as half trainer and half motivational speaker. As a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Trainer, and Coach, she is known for consistently helping teams find innovative ways to solve problems and get things done. Sinikka has successfully applied analysis and leadership expertise to improve performance from various roles since 1996. She is a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central College, and a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Iowa.

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