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How To Get The Most Out of Networking

                                               Andy Stoll, Founder / Co-Founder Seed Here Studio
                                                                  Presented on April 10th,2014

A well tended network can bring you customers, investors, future employees, and game-changing resources and ideas. Entrepreneurs live and die on the strength of their networks, but do you know how to build your network and unlock its latent potential?

In this webinar, serial entrepreneur, conference producer, and “human router” Andy Stoll, will share insight and specific strategies on how to build your network through conference and in-person events. He’ll talk about more than just passing business cards and making small talk and get down to specific tactics to us to get the most out of these events through cultivation of genuine relationships with those who you meet.

Andy Stoll, Seed Here StudioStoll is co-producing EntreFEST, an educational conference for entrepreneurs and innovators (and Iowa’s largest entrepreneurial themed-event) to be held in Iowa City May 14th-16th. He will preview the conference during this webinar and give you some insider tip on how to leverage the conference to build your own entrepreneurial network across the state of Iowa through this event.

Andy recently co-founded Seed Here Studio, a media and marketing agency dedicated to building a stronger community of entrepreneurs and creatives in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area; co-founded Startup Iowa, the 8th region to join the White House initiated Startup America Partnership; and he serves in advisory capacities with a variety of startups. 

Andy previously co-founded The James Gang, a community-building creativity- and social entrepreneurial-incubator that was named the Iowa City Press Citizen ‘Person of the Year’, as the individual or group that had the largest impact on the community. Andy holds a BA in film production and a BBA in Business Management from The University of Iowa, as well as a Masters Degree in Media Cultures from The City University of Hong Kong. Andy recently completed a 4-year, 40-country solo trip-around-the-world, and moonlights as a photographer, sometimes chef and occasional cooking class instructor.

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