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How Love Will Save Your Business

Mike Wagner, CEO of White Rabbit Group
Presented Thursday, February 28th at Noon (Central)


If people were perfectly rational, economic humans (homo economics) there wouldn't be much room for "love" in the marketplace. As it turns out we're not all that rational, nor are we moved by economics alone. In this webinar, Mike Wagner will enlarge everyone's thoughts on what keep businesses from succeeding. He will show how a simple definition of "love" can open the door to new levels of performance. After all, it's still February, and the memory of this year's Valentine's Day is still fresh in our minds!

Mike WagnerMichael Wagner, President of White Rabbit Group, is a skilled communicator, facilitator, and business coach. The White Rabbit Group is a business development consultancy that helps organizations grow through the concept of brand ownership.   Due to Mike's experience, clients often request custom-crafted branding and leadership messages for their meetings and presentations.  Keynote speeches, consulting, workshops, and facilitation of meetings and retreats form an important part of White Rabbit Group's client services.

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